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Creation of mini-site

A Landing Page (or "Landing Page" in French), is a page on which a user arrives after clicking on a link.

Whether this link is placed on an advertising banner, on a blog article, on a video, in an email or in an SMS, the landing page must correspond to the expectations of the user who clicked on it, both in terms of content and design, ergonomics and ease of navigation.

Who has never clicked on a link to a page whose content does not correspond at all to what is expected? or a page not suitable for mobile reading? In this case, the reaction is always the same: the visitor leaves the page immediately.


The interest of creating landing pages is therefore as follows:


Get to the point on your e-mailings and SMS. Be more precise on your landing pages.
This is especially the case when creating an SMS campaign.  A SMS must be short to be impactful and easily remembered.  You don’t have to say too much and sometimes it can be a bit frustrating.

By adding a link to your landing page in the body of the message, you can be brief in your SMS and tell more about the landing page associated with it.

Your message becomes more powerful.

Creation of showcase site

A showcase site is a website that boils down to the presentation of a company, an organization, a product, etc. It is opposed to the merchant site or the online store that, in turn, offer the opportunity to conduct transactions online.

The name of showcase site is directly inspired by the world of local commerce. It can be compared to a shop window or a company storefront.

Essential at the beginning of the Internet, the showcase site gradually tends to disappear. While it used to be enough to just be present on the Web, often by publishing online the content of a classic advertising brochure presenting a company, it is now necessary to multiply the interactions, exchanges, services offered to Internet users.

By itself, the showcase site is no longer enough to make the success of a product or a company. It is necessary to associate it with other elements constituting a good internet strategy.

E-commerce or e-commerce is the online sale of goods or services through merchant websites. These electronic commercial transactions are mainly made through the internet, even if there are other types of networks in the context of B to B (inter-company) commerce for example.

What are the different facets of this form of distance selling?


One of the precursor channels of e-commerce was undoubtedly the minitel, in the 1980s, before the advent and generalization of the internet. Since then, e-commerce has democratized to reach all aspects of our daily life, even investing our mobile phones, which have become real payment terminals (m-commerce, another branch of e-commerce).

It is undeniable that the development of the web has greatly benefited e-commerce, which has been imposed and adopted because of its many attractions (no logistical problems, no paperwork, ease and speed of purchases...).

E-commerce has thus undeniably become a full complement to physical commerce and even one of its growth levers.

In France, professionals of the sector gathered within the federation of e-commerce and distance selling: the FEVAD

E-commerce website creation

Creation of social media pages

In a market where competition is fierce, you have to make your mark to exist with consumers. The presence of your establishment on social networks is therefore crucial.

Webdesigner06 offers to stimulate your online communication through a structured presence on the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,).

The first phase, which is the most important, is to define together the objectives of your social media presence to determine the most suitable.

Your page can be considered an extension of your business. It allows you to easily communicate with people who have chosen to follow you and who are already members of your brand. It is an adequate solution to help you create engagement with your customers, and on multidevices (both desktop and mobile).

The creation of a page and an account allows the company or brand to strengthen its image with its audience.
This first of all makes it accessible, with an additional point of contact between it and the customer, but also «connected», and therefore in line with current technologies and the behaviors of Internet users.

It is a unique way to chat directly with your customers, and thus be able to enjoy the benefits of social networks.

This also makes the brand relevant and expert.
Indeed, the page and the account allow you to reach regularly and with less effort a large number of people, through messages that can be simple but personalized.

What is the SEO?


SEO, also called “organic” or “SEO”, is one of the strategies to be referenced on the Internet.

SEO, encompasses all the methods and techniques that aim to position the web pages of your website in the first natural results of search engines (including Google, but also Bing, Yahoo ). This is in order to improve the visibility of the pages in question, by applying a series of "rules" enacted by search engines, known as "guidelines".

By activating a number of levers it is possible to influence the behavior of crawler robots that index web pages and make them appear more or less at the top in response to user requests.

SEO Google 

Creating a listing on Google addresses

Stand out on Google with a listing

Encourage users who find you on the Google search engine and on Maps to become new customers by creating a listing for your store or for the service you offer.

The procedure must be respected and the sheet must include all elements but not too much.
Some owners of shops, businesses or businesses put too much information on their file. Most of the time this is done to pair the user, but often it results in a record that disappears from the listing and can therefore make you lose a considerable turnover.
 We include your business on Google Maps/ Addresses with all the information requested by Google so that your listing is sustainable over time and benefits your business for years.

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